CRYSTALS, minerals, rocks and fossils are among the stock in Ledbury’s newest shop, the Crystal Cottage, which has opened in the Homend Mews.

The shop is a first business for Lyndsay Brazier, who moved to the Ledbury area from the Isle of Wight a year ago because of a change in her husband’s career.

“I’d previously worked in specialist management, and I got interested in crystals because I was interested in stress management and the role crystals play in relaxation and meditation,” she said.

She said she hopes to appeal to amateur enthusiast, avid collectors and those interested in complementary healing.

She said she opened the shop a week earlier than planned, and had been encouraged by the positive reactions from shoppers and fellow businesses.

She said: “Ledbury is a very nice town, very vibrant, and I seem to have got a lot of support.”