IT is great that Malvern is a Fair Trade town now.

It would be good if this compassion could also be extended to other creatures and Malvern became a fur free town as well. There are still some shops in Malvern that sell real fur, new and vintage, even though fur farming is now illegal in this country.

Most new fur is coming from China where animals area factory farmed and can be skinned alive. Claims that this fur is from sustenance farming has no evidence to substantiate it.

Vintage fur has usually come from animals caught in cruel traps. Old fur coats can be donated to be used in anti-fur campaigns or sometimes wildlife hospitals will use them as blankets.

Old or new animals have suffered and died in agony to produce these luxury goods that no-one needs. Let's make Malvern a fur free town.

PAULINE BURGESS, Cotswold Road, Malvern.