LEIGH and Bransford Badgers have resigned from the McDonald's Worcester and District Football League with immediate effect, claiming they were not enjoying the games any more.

The team, who were competing in Sunday Division Five, were in their second season having stepped up from the junior ranks.

But they claim the transition was tough and opted to withdraw from the competition, landing them with a £200 fine.

In October, Badgers were involved in a match against Riverside, which was abandoned with 11 minutes left after a player from each side was sent off.

Riverside led 3-0 but it was alleged Leigh and Bransford refused to play on because of the way they felt their players had been treated.

Both clubs were found guilty of failing to control their players, were warned over their future conduct and fined £40.

A club spokesman cited the fixture as part of the decision to quit but insisted it was not the main factor.

He said: "We come from a background of youth football and trying to go into the men's league with that background is difficult.

"It's a totally different environment. We talked to the players and they were not enjoying it.

"We were playing in some good games but there were some where people just weren't enjoying it. The environment isn't what we thought it would be."

The team are now in talks with the Worcestershire FA about joining the new county Saturday league, which is set to kick-off for the 2014-15 season.

Worcester League secretary Tim Phillips said: “We are extremely disappointed to lose any team in local football, especially one in their second season in senior football.

“We hope the Leigh and Bransford club will look to apply to join the league in the future. The door will always be open.”