MALVERN United’s fourthround winter league match at Fishponds, Colwall, resulted in a tie for first place between Ian Goddard and Dick Lewis.

Both had similar catches of bream to weigh in 11lbs 6oz after a night of heavy rain followed by a cold but clear morning.

Most anglers struggled at first to get bites but fish started to feed better towards the end of the match.

The third-placed Richard Webster had a late burst, catching skimmer bream in the last half-hour to come close to the winners with 9-7.

Junior Ben Dennis caught well at the beginning and included a roach of almost one pound to lead for some time before being eventually overtaken towards the end.

Graham Rees managed 7-0, Dave Wilkes 4-14, Dave Stretton 4-8, Graham Matthews 1-14, Chris Loveridge 1-8 and Graham Dennis 0-8.