LEDBURY Amateur Boxing Club put on a Valentine's Day show at Fusion Nightclub in Hereford.

Considering the bad weather, boxers travelled from all different regions, including the heart of Devon, Newtown in mid-Wales, Oxford, Birmingham and Telford.

Twelve bouts attracted six Midlands champions and Ledbury boxer Kevin Florence accepted the challenge of one in Liam Gould, of William Perry ABC, Tipton.

Florence tackled an excellent three rounds and won by a split decision.

Ledbury club-mate Luke Cullwick took on the challenge of Midlands champion Idris Mohammed, from Wellington ABC, Telford, but lost the bout by a one-point decision despite a fine performance over three rounds.

The town's Alex Florence welcomed the challenge of George Taylor, from Aston Police ABC, Birmingham, over an exciting three rounds.

He gave his Midlands opponent a standing count on the second round and finished it off in the third by stopping his opponent with a knockout.

Ledbury coach Fred Florence said: "I am very happy with the way my boxers performed and with the performance of Luke, considering he had one of the top opponents, so, in my eyes, he is one of the top lads, losing by one punch.

"Kevin is maturing with age and I'm delighted with the way he handled his opponent. Alex once again showed he is the king of the ring and I'm very happy with his development in power, he's maturing well.

"I say the same thing over and over again but I would put Alex, Kevin, Luke and Wayne Lock up against anybody and I mean anybody in the world so get in contact with us.

"If you are worried about travelling, we will come to you in your own backyard."

Anyone interested in joining Ledbury's amateur boxing club can contact 01531-631879.