MALVERN Joggers have been busy at various events across England.

Mike Anstey and Linda Broadway represented the club at a popular event in Epney, Gloucestershire.

They ran nine miles across a wet multi-terrain course in an attempt to beat the Severn Bore, which was made tougher due to recent flooding.

The race start depended on the speed of the bore so they had an early get-up at 5am.

Broadway said: “It was more like a duathlon than a run as in places the water was over waist deep."

John Bryan ran the Silverstone half-marathon on the race circuit and clocked one hour 47 minutes 27 seconds.

Joggers also took part in the popular Reading half-marathon. Several used the event as a training run for the London Marathon.

Results: Andy Banham 1.41.26, Bert Lacey 1.42.02, Claudia Wilesmith 1.42.47, Kareen Mann 1.45.38, Ian Walwyn 1.47.33, Steve Roode 1.51.23, Carolyne Sanders 1.51.49, Amanda Duncan 1.54.13, Viv Tolley 2.03.33.