OF all the drama that has unfolded at Hereford United over the summer, one group of people have almost gone unnoticed – the players.

Until the end of July, nobody knew the identity of any of the personnel Hereford had recruited for the new season.

Even at last Saturday’s opener, nearly 15 minutes had elapsed before teamsheets arrived in the press box to name who was on show.

Whereas most clubs cannot wait to trumpet a new signing, for some reason the Bulls have seemed very reluctant to disclose information.

That’s probably because they have made a right hash of paying last season’s players and club staff, some of whom are still waiting for payment.

But, in all of this, I have to question the players’ reasons for coming to Hereford United in the first place.

What makes them think they’ll get paid?

Reportedly, many of them have been at Edgar Street for most of pre-season being put through their paces by football consultant Mark Ellis.

If that’s the case, surely they can’t have failed to notice that all has not exactly been rosy in the Bulls’ garden, which has led to owner Tommy Agombar failing the Football Association’s owners and directors test.

Have they not scoured the web, picked up a newspaper or listened to the radio since arriving at the club, if for no other reason than to find out more about the place?

It would appear not. Certainly if comments by new player Javier Roberts are anything to go by.

“We didn’t know what happened last season, we just came this season to see the club,” said the full-back and winger who, according to manager Jon Taylor, was man-of-the-match against St Neots last weekend.

Well, they’ve seen it and apparently all is fine. This Company Voluntary Agreement and fans’ protest stuff must be a myth.

Players might just want to focus on football but surely they owe it to themselves to do a bit of homework.