LONG-SERVING Malvern Angler Dick Oakley received the award of life membership at the club’s annual general meeting.

Oakley who is nearing 85 years old yet is still able to participate in club matches also had the honour of presenting 19 trophies.

After chairman Phil Harding welcomed members to the meeting, treasurer John Shaw reported the club’s finances were in a healthy state and that no increase in subscriptions were necessary. Match secretary Richard Webster also reported the match programme had been well supported with a significant increase in the number of contestants per match.

Trophy winners:

Ian Goddard – Club Cup, Aggregate Shield, Spring league and Points Cup

Shaun Taylor – Newtown and John Perks Shields

John Shaw – Malpas and Sandford Cups Richard Webster – Taylor Cup Graham Matthews – Chaimans Cup

Dave Harris – Fitzwater Trophy Lee Harman – Derek Evans Trophy

Nigel Bayliss – Roy Bouston Shield Pete Roberts – Wye Cup

Frank Edwards – Baker Cup Bill Hartland – Winter Cup

Chris Loveridge – Express TV Cup