VERY Ledbury is the campaign that's got people talking, and shopkeepers are really singing its praises this Christmas.

On Twitter, on Facebook and in the pages of the Ledbury Reporter, in a space of less that two months, Very Ledbury has became one of the most vibrant forums to promote the market town.

On Twitter last month, tweets about Very Ledbury were reported to have reached 40,000 accounts, and 125 people have pressed the "like" button on the Very Ledbury Facebook site, proving its almost immediate appeal.

And the regular Very Ledbury articles in the Ledbury Reporter also have their keen enthusiasts.

Homend butcher, Dave Waller, is in no doubt about the effectiveness of a campaign that was only launched on October 31 "as a Ledbury Reporter Campaign to support local businesses in the run-up to Christmas".

And Mr Waller believes the almost instant support of the community has been a key factor.

He said: "It has been great - big time, because a lot of nice people have been putting a lot of energy into this, to help promote the town.

"People are coming from all over the place for our cafes, pubs, butchers and bakers, because Ledbury is a most unique place."

Mr Waller added: " Pulling everything and everyone together like this really helps."

Clare Bell, of The Muse Cafe in the Homend Mews said: "We've been using Very Ledbury and we've had a good run into Christmas. I've not only been using it, I've re-tweeted everyone else I can, and it's good to see what everyone else is doing."

Kathryn Griffiths, of Bamboo the Flower Gallery in New Street, said: "I think Very Ledbury has had a positive effect. Obviously, a lot of re-tweeting clearly helps. It's the power of modern media.

"I will continue to use it, definitely. Why not?"

Griff Holliday, spokesman for the Ledbury Food Group, said: "It is all about getting the right medium to spread the message. This is good for local produce and shops of all kinds, and it's probably what a local paper is for.

"I do think it's a good thing."