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Teme Valley Park Home Lodges is a new park located just outside Tenbury Wells giving access to all the facilities of a bustling market town and with beautiful rural views

Situation: Teme Valley Park Home Lodges is a new park located just outside Tenbury Wells within easy access of the facilities of Tenbury Wells and Burford House Gardens and with beautiful rural views.

Description: The park (currently under construction) but provides approximately 40 homes both new and refurbished, each within their own low maintenance plot with off road parking, shed, Freesat and many amenities.

The park is open to over 40s.

Children are allowed to stay on the park for short/limited periods of time.

Choose from a range of home types, either new or refurbished.

Finishes of kitchen, sanitary ware, flooring etc. can be selected from a wide pallette in most instances

Terms: Teme Valley Park Home Lodges holds a 12 month holiday licence meaning that you can stay in your holiday home all year round.

A registered voting/council tax address is required.

Where a home has a lead-in time, a non-refundable £5,000 deposit is required

Outgoings: Pitch fees charged on an annual basis including water and business rates.

Metered Flogas LPG Gas piped to each home

Metered Electricity billed every 4 months

TV Licence is required for each home

Further Information: Floorplans and specifications for the range of available home types are available on request. Please contact us to arrange a viewing of a show unit and the opportunity to discuss your requirements and needs. Lead-in times will depend on the availability of the type selected. Copies of site rules and regulations are available on request.


Prices: All home types and plots are indvidually priced depending on whether the unit is new or refurbished, size and specifcation of unit and location within the park. A quotation for any specific unit/plot will be provided by the site owners

Park Rules: 1. Each holiday home must display a plot number.

2. The holiday home owner must give a certified address other than Teme Valley Park Home Lodges. Homes cannot be sub-let or rented out and are for the use of the owner only.

3. At all times the home and the plot on which it is sited in must be kept in a neat and tidy condition. Lawns must be kept cut and tidy. The space beneath the holiday home must not be used for the storage of any articles or materials of any kind, and the reasons for this are (i) it is in accordance with Shropshire County Council site licence, and (ii) fire hazard.

4. All homes must be insured and proof of this is required if requested by the park owner or management.

5. One non combustible shed is provided with the home no other storage boxes or sheds are permitted without the park owner's permission.

6. Vehicles must not be parked on grass verges or on any empty plots this is so an undeveloped plot can grass over or can be accessed by the park owner. Owner's/visitors cars must be kept on the driveway and not block any of the roads and any other vehicles should be parked in designated parking bays. Roadways must be kept clear for any maintenance/deliveries. No more vehicles can be parked on the home's driveway than are permitted to be kept on the park. A maximum of two vehicles only are allowed, motorcycle and extra large vehicles (eg large van style people carriers/ day vans, pick up trucks etc) are not allowed to be kept on the park. All vehicles on the park must be road worthy and have the necessary DVLC requirements of insurance tax and MOT.

7. No commercial vehicles/motorcycles/motor homes/trailers/trailer tents of any description are to be brought onto any part of the park and kept on overnight unless agreed with the park owner/management in advance. This includes any loading or unloading of any of the above.

8. Any commercial traders coming onto the park must inform the park management prior to any work starting and get their approval/permission.

9. The park owners reserve the right to choose their own tenants.

10. The Purchaser of any holiday home sale will be liable to pay the seller's commission of 10% of the sale price plus the current rate of VAT on that commission. Seller's commission should be included in the sale price. (eg. the seller would receive 88% of the sale price and the park 12% of the sale price at current VAT rates (20%)).

11. For Sale boards are to be erected by an Estate Agent on the property and secured correctly. Details of the property being sold must be forwarded to the park owner/management prior to sale and any prospective buyers must report to the park owner/management prior to any sale taking place.

12. It is the responsibility of the tenant to put all household refuse/garden waste in the dustbins provided. Under no circumstances should any rubbish/garden waste be taken and dumped into the surrounding areas.


13. Dogs are permitted but must be kept under control and on a lead at all times and should never be allowed to roam freely on any part of the park or go on other people's property. Any fouling on the park must be cleared up immediately. It is also the responsibility of the owner for their animals not to cause a nuisance to others and any pets must not be left for long periods of time unattended. Birds are not allowed as pets either inside or outside the home.

14. Trees and shrubs on and around the park must not be cut down. The planting of trees and shrubs is subject to the prior approval of the park owner/management in conjunction with local bye-laws. Any bushes and shrubs must not exceed 1 metre. Any alterations that are made without prior consultation to the plot may have to be reinstated at your expense. No fences or hedges are to be erected or replaced without prior permission

15. Trees or shrubs around the park deemed to be too high, dangerous or are causing problems to underground cabling and pipes will be taken down by the park owner without prior permission

16. It is forbidden to carry offensive weapons or other objects likely to give offence on the Park.

17. Speed limit on the park should not exceed 10 mph. This should be strictly adhered to for the safety of other residents/tenants/visitors/children.

18. The owner is responsible for the conduct of children/grandchildren whilst in their care. Children cannot stay in the home as a main resident. Children must not be allowed to play on empty plots (for their own safety)

19. Tenants should be of Semi or of Retirement Age only (40 plus years).

20. Access is not permitted to any vacant plots and no building materials or equipment should be touched or disturbed without prior permission from the park management.

21. There should be no planting of flora or fauna of any sort other than that on your own plot.

22. Holiday home exteriors should be repainted every two years with suitable paint.

23. Washing lines are to be reasonably screened from public view and only rotary lines are permitted.

24. Bonfires on plots are not allowed. Hot tubs or inflatable pools are not permitted.

25. Canopies are not permitted without the consent of the park owner/management.

26. Fire points are provided around the park. Buckets and hoses are for fire use only. Water taps situated around the park are only to be used for the collection of water for fire fighting, not cleaning cars etc.

27. Radios and other appliances must not be used in such a way that they cause annoyance to others. Noise from parties, bbq's etc, must be kept to a level that does not interfere with the peace and tranquillity of the other holiday home tenants.

28. Please use only designated walkways and roads around the park. Do not walk on other people's plots as a short cut without their prior permission to do so


29. Teme Valley has consent as a holiday park and is open from 1st January to 31st December inclusive. All holiday home owners must provide a main home address other than Teme Valley.

30. No commercial enterprise or business activities may take place without the park owners' prior permission.

31. Fats and oils must not be poured into any sewerage system nor should sanitary towels, tampons, nappies etc be flushed down the toilets as if this is ignored it could result in a sewage treatment failure and the costs of clearing any blockages will be claimed from the person/persons responsible

32. Park owner/management accepts no responsibility for any damage/theft on the park.

33. All guests and visitors to the park must adhere to the same rules as the tenants whilst on and around the park.

34. Tenants must treat the Caretaker's with dignity and respect at all times.

35. Pitch fees are payable in advance for the period of 12 months from 1st January to 31st December annually and any ground rents paid are non refundable.

36. Your pitch fee will include VAT and rates, gas will be provided by Flogas who will bill holiday home owners individually. Electricity will be provided by the park, Electric bill payments to be paid to the office by cheque or cash within 14 days of the bill being produced, water will be provided by the park.

37. Your payment of pitch fee acknowledges your acceptance of these Rules and will be renewed every 12 months.

Onward Sale:

You can choose whatever Estate Agent you wish to sell your home, if you let us know you are looking to sell we can direct any enquiries we have to you. Please check that the estate agent you decide to use has experience of selling holiday homes as it can be costly if they don't.

All potential buyers must have a meeting with the park owners/representatives.


Commission is seller's commission, ie. it is included in the price, however the buyer is responsible for paying the seller's commission. This just means that the buyer makes two payments, one of 12% (10% commission plus VAT assuming current rate of 20% on the Commission) of the price to the park owner and one for 88% of the sale price to the seller (this may vary depending on the VAT rate at the time).

The commission is seller's commission as previously said so just like at an auction, it is paid on the ‘hammer' price. If you want to receive a certain amount in your pocket for your home then you need to work out your sale price using the following calculation.

EG: Assuming a VAT rate of 20%

You want to receive at least £120,000.00 for your home with VAT at 20% this would be 88% of the total price.

The price you would need to put it up for sale for would be worked out as follows:

£120,000.00 x 100 = 12,000,000

12,000,000 divided by 88 = £136,363.63

So you would put the price of your home as at least £137,000.00 so you would probably set your sale price at £140,000.00 to allow for negotiations.


If you sell on a valuation without thinking about what you want in your pocket then to get an idea of what you will receive see below:

You sell the home for £100,000.00

The buyer pays the seller £88,000.00

The park owner receives £12,000.00 (£10,000.00 plus Vat at 20% = £12,000.00)

Pitch Fee

You pay your pitch fee annually, the pitch fee is non refundable. Depending on when in the year you move you may decide to let the buyer keep the remainder of the year's pitch fee or you can ask the buyer to reimburse the part of the year remaining, this transaction should be a separate transaction to the sale of the home. The buyer would then be charged from annual renewal date.

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