Set in and around the United States Naval Aviation training facility and the Pensacola Paper Factory, Pensacola, Florida Douglas Day Stewart co-writer of the book and original screenplay is based on his own experiences as a Naval Officier Candidate in 1965, undergoing rigorous training while dating a local factory girl.

On Monday evening in Bristol I reviewed the stage adaption of the 1982 hit movie that starred Richard Gere. I have never seen the film and was pleasantly surprised by the real substance to the storyline - sure there's the boy meets girl, falls in love element, however, there is a wealth of passion and emotion throughout as prejudice, tragedy, alcoholism, deception, violence and sex scenes are all touched upon.

Director Nikolai Foster cleverly set the scene as the musical started with the use of striking projected imagery.

The drama follows troubled trainee Navy pilot Zack Mayo a working class hero who finds the girl of his dreams factory worker Paula Pokrifki who has far greater ambitions - he almost loses her before lifting her out of the factory...

Emma Williams (Paula) shone with her super vocals, Jonny Fines (Zack) did a great job. One of the biggest cheers of the evening was for Ray Shell (Emil Foley) the in your face Sergeant.

A great production, music that included songs Up Where We Belong, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I Want To Know What Love Is delivered by a super cast.

Runs until Saturday, 4th August at the Bristol Hippodrome.