Location - Sunset Strip, Venue - Bourbon Room, Action - big hair, mini skirts, pole dancers, heels, sex, drugs, rock n roll its the 80's and its the place to be - you're in for one hell of a ride its Rock of Ages.

Narrated by Lucas Rush who does a brilliant job as the charismatic and charming Lonny gluing the show together, interacting with Kayleigh who may or may not have been pleased with her prime front row seat. 

The story is light hearted Drew (Luke Walsh) longs to be a rock star meets Sherrie (Jodie Steele) who has dreams of becoming and actor have feelings for one another only for Stacey Jaxx (Antony Costa) former member of Blue with a huge ego to temporarily disrupt the relationship.

Rock of Ages is full on from beginning to end, as you might imagine there is nothing subtle and reflects the era. The cast put their hearts and soul into this feast of high octane 80's music that includes; I Want to Know What Love Is, Feel the Noize, We Built this City and The Final Countdown.

There are stong vocal performances by all of the lead actors, it would have been pleasing to hear more of Zoe Birkett's powerful voice.

By the finale everyone was standing, singing the anthem Don't Stop Believin' a cracking production.

Runs until Saturday, 20th April at the Bristol Hippodrome.