FILM REVIEW: How to Train Your Dragon. The Hidden World. Malvern Theatres.

In one respect, the third and final visit to the dragons of Berk is all about growing up.

The Hidden World in the title could refer not only to a land beyond the waterfall, where all dragons are safe, but the transition from young adult to adult, which Hiccup as well as Toothless the friendly dragon must make.

It’s a bit of a tear jerker at times, a rite of passage for many folks who must have first encountered Berk in their childhood and are called back, one more time, for one more adventure.

And it is an adventure. There’s an effective baddie in the shape of the dragon hunting Grimmel, who basically wants Toothless dead.

Toothless himself is torn between loyalty to Hiccup and his attraction to a lady dragon, a sparkly Light Fury, who is obviously destined to become Mrs Toothless.

There’s the usual movie messages about finding hidden strength and believing in yourself, which Hiccup must do as the young chief of Berk, naturally.

It goes without saying, as with any film about dragons, disbelief must be suspended at little, but that’s easy once the movie gets going. The first 20 minutes, however, do drag a little. I think this is because the script tries to tick too many boxes, to help set the scene.

Once the sinister Grimmel arrives as a threat, the plot starts to warm up nicely, as the fate of Toothless hangs in the balance. Ultimately, however, and without giving too much away, it’s a feel good movie.

Gary Bills-Geddes.