LEDBURY Rotarians were enthralled to hear a talk given by Captain Gray O'Hanlon, a former Airline Pilot.

Mr O'Hanlon started life as an engineer, but realised that his great passion was for flying and he changed his career and was accepted for training to be an airline pilot for British Airways.

Throughout his 25 year plus time flying which took him around the globe, he had some hair raising landings, such as the strip on the Greek Island of Skiathos, where the runway is short and reverse thrusters need to be employed immediately.

Rotary Club spokesperson, Jan Long said: "Following his highly interesting and amusing talk, Rotarians had the opportunity to ask questions and unsurprisingly, one main topic was the disappearance of the Malaysian Airline.

"Mr O'Hanlon said that everyone he knew in his professional capacity were at a loss to understand what had befallen the missing aircraft, and why there was yet still no trace of it.

"Captain O'Hanlon who has flown a similar Boeing aircraft said that these were magnificent planes and he had found them a joy to pilot."

The evening closed with Ledbury Rotary President Steve Wheeler trying on the captain's peaked cap for size.