CAMPAIGNERS in a county village are preparing for a fight against what they believe will be the largest wind turbine in Herefordshire.

G2 Energy Renewable Developments Limited is seeking permission to install a single wind turbine, with a maximum blade tip height of 77m, at New House Farm in Pencombe.

It would come with an access track, crane hard standing, substation and temporary construction compound.

But residents have raised a number of objections, with concerns regarding the visual impact as well as the noise level.

Susan Tilling, one of seven members of the village action group which is made up of residents of all ages, said: "It’s a terrible thing, it's like the sword of Damocles hanging over you.

"The tourism in the area of the county will be affected and that’s very important to a rural economy. There isn’t much work in a rural area so tourism is a very big feature."

Concerns have also been raised regarding the effects on people's health and wildlife.

Flyers to raise awareness of the application are currently being distributed around the village.