A NEW project at Leominster's Grange Court is set to uncover the huge hidden contribution to the home front by the county's First World War Women's Land Army.

The unique project – funded by a £10,000 Heritage Lottery grant – will explore and celebrate the winning of the home front's battle for food.

Leominster Area Regeneration Company (LARC) Development Trust – in partnership with Herefordshire’s artist social enterprise Salt Road and Winterbourne House and Gardens at the University of Birmingham – will work with local communities and schools in workshops to create an exhibition, using archives of First World War posters, photographs, newspaper clippings and diaries.

LARC chairman, Martin Baines, said: "We are excited to be working with Salt Road and Winterbourne House to tell the stories of the women who kept Britain fed during the First World War.

"It is a fascinating project designed in a fresh and imaginative way and one that is particularly relevant in this agricultural county.”

Herefordshire's agricultural heritage and its relationship with migrant labour from urban areas has provided a rich and dynamic history, as relevant today as it has always been.

The Women’s Land Army was an example of how dramatic times created a major shift in gender, social cultural and agricultural histories and how working together the country was able to win the battle of food scarcity and feed the nation in adversity.

Opportunities to cultivate under-used land to grow crops for vulnerable communities as well at First World War recipes for pop-up cafes will also be on offer as part of the project.

The exhibition is due to go on display next summer, with workshops starting next month.

Ledbury Reporter: Woodland Trust