LEDBURY Town Football Club has a long, eventful, glorious and sometimes troubled history.

1893 - the newly founded club is playing at Pound Meadow, in local leagues.

1934 - local grandee, Lord Biddulph, donates the New Street ground to the people of Ledbury. However, following financial problems in the 1980s, the deeds left the hands of the club, and the club ended up renting the ground it once owned.

1960s - the club joins the the Worcestershire League at the start of the decade, then returns to the Hereford League in the late 1960s.

1974 - Ledbury joins the the West Midlands League and gains a clubhouse.

Players sold to high profile clubs during this period included Kevin Rose ( Lincoln City), and Herrington Kelly (Bristol Rovers).

Two other players, Mark Payne and Mirek Kalewski, went on to play for Dutch sides .

The Ledbury squad, during one of its golden ages, also included Tony Byrne, an Irish international player, and Mick Hill, who had previously played for both Ipswich and the Welsh national side.

Steve Emery went on to play for Hereford United and Derby, and Phil Preedy, now manager of the reserves side, played for Hereford.

1983 - Ledbury Town Football Club folds due to hefty debts.

1984 - the club reforms with a new committee, and plays in Division Four of the Hereford League. Swift success saw the club lift the Hereford Premier Division trophy, in 1989.

1990s - the club re-enters the West Midlands Regional League.

2000 and beyond - Ledbury wins the Division One championship at the end of the 2000/01 season, finished fourth in the Premier Division and reached round four of the coveted FA Vase competition during the 2004/05 season. The club also won the Herefordshire County Challenge Cup twice during the 2006/07 and 2009/10 seasons.

November 2003 - the Manchester United XI side comes to Ledbury to play a special charity match against the home side. This was in memory of Martin and Denise McCoig-Lees and the couple's nine year old son, Ryan, who were killed in a motorway crash in July , 2003. Mr McCoig Lees, a popular Homend newsagent, was a keen supporter of both Ledbury and Manchester United.

Manchester United won, 4-2, at an exciting game which was well-supported by the local community.

During the start of the new Millennium, until 2006, the Ledbury squad included Latvian international Alex Volosanovs, as well as Bulgarian goalkeeper Dimitar Dimitrov.

2010 - citing financial reasons, the club resigns from the West Midlands League at the end of the 2009/10 season.

2010 to the 2014 - The club competes in the Herefordshire Football League Premier Division, then after just three seasons returns to Division One of the West Midlands League, finishing this division safe from relegation after the 2013/14 season.

2014/2015 - in January, 2015, the club announces it is folding, citing financial problems. The news is generally unexpected and there is widespread shock among the community. The landowners allow the club to use the ground for the duration of the season.