LEDBURY police sergeant Russ Winfield is calling for better CCTV coverage of the Homend, following a series of incidents where windows have been smashed late at night.

The latest incident involved the Clarke Roxburgh main window, which was smashed on Monday evening, at around 11.30pm.

Speaking on Wednesday, Wendy Peplow, of Clarke Roxburgh, said some broken glass was still hanging in the frame, behind the boards the police put up after the incident.

"We have a big sign on our door, asking people not to slam it," she said. "There was a lot of glass, and there still is. The area inside the shop has been cordoned off, so police can carry out investigations."

The alarms did not trigger and staff only knew about the damage when they came into work on Tuesday morning.

Police say people living nearby heard the window break and someone running off.

Shortly after Christmas, the Ice Bytes Internet café had its window broken, and the Fine Art UK Gallery, also on the Homend, also had a window smashed recently.

Sergeant Winfield said that police had been in talks with the town council and one idea being looked into was boosting CCTV coverage on the Homend.

This would require an agreement from Herefordshire Council to invest in at least one more camera, to supplement the single camera that currently covers the whole of the Homend.

This is based on the corner of the street, by the Tourist Information Centre.

Sergeant Winfield added: "It's one area of town that is one of our weaknesses.

"We would like to see another CCTV in that street. It's covered at the moment, but at a distance. That is an issue."