THE single CCTV camera covering the Homend has proved its worth as a tool to help police investigations.

It has captured an image of two young men who were seen in the area at the time when Clarke Roxburgh's window was smashed.

Police spokesman Neil Tipton said: "They may have important information about the criminal damage.

"Officers are keen to speak to these two men as well as to an anonymous female who called the insurance brokers at around 11.30am the next morning, with information about the incident."

The window was broken on Mon-day, February 19, about 11.30pm.

Mr Tipton continued: "Two vehicles in nearby Lawnside Road and Mabels Furlong also suffered damage to windows and mirrors a short time later. Officers believe the incidents may be linked."

Last week, before the CCTV image was released, Sgt Russ Winfield expressed concern about CCTV coverage in the Homend, following a number of incidents where windows had been smashed late at night.

He said he would like to see a second CCTV camera in the street, adding: "It's one area of town that is one of our weaknesses."

Anyone with information about the latest incident can call police on 0845 744 888.