A CODDINGTON man has published a book which captures the pictures and voices of local soldiers who took part in the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign of 1915.

David Hodgson of Coddington was set on the long route of compiling the book after meeting, over thirty years ago, a local woman whose great uncle had served in the First World War

Mr Hodgson already had an interest in the local men who served.

Mr Hodgson said: "In 1981 I took over the butchers in Colwall. It was then I met Olive Carver who told me that her great uncle used to live close to where I live and that he served in the First World War.

"Olive didn't have a picture of her great uncle and I told her that I had; it was then that she said she had an account of what the men from Coddington had experienced."

From there began the labour of love of putting together an account of the local men who marched away to take part in one of the bloodiest battles of the Great War.

Mr Hodgson added: "There are lists of around 900 recruits, many from Coddington, Colwall, Eastnor and Ledbury; and also photographs of soldiers from Coddington."

The book, “Gallipoli 1915 We Were There” covers their enlistment and training at Hereford, Northampton, Bedford and Cambridge before leaving Devonport for Suvla Bay in August 1915.

I also covers "the experiences and conditions which the men had to endure once they had landed".

But the book is not only about Gallipoli

Mr Hodgson added: "There is also mention of Archibald Hamblin who tried to enlist on three occasions before finally being accepted.

"He lived in New Street, Ledbury, and was a Reporter on the Ledbury Guardian also the Hereford Journal. Sadly he was killed in France."

Mr Hodgson's book also includes an account "of the effect of men losing limbs in the war."

Copies of the book, priced £9.99 each, are available on 01531 640622.