A LEDBURY motorist said he was left 'appalled' by the attitude of the North Ledbury Hunt, after his car was involved in a collision with a fox hound on a public road.

The incident caused £1,200 worth of damage to his four year old Range Rover.

Carl Bufton said he was travelling at 25mph on the Ledbury to Cradley road, near Staplow, on the afternoon of January 30, when two hounds of the North Ledbury Hunt suddenly ran in front of his vehicle, with one of them causing serious damage to his car.

Mr Bufton said the hounds ran across the road suddenly. He said he was not travelling quickly because he was aware that the hunt was about, because he had seen riders on the road in front of him.

He also claimed that no one from the North Ledbury Hunt assisted him after the collision.

Mr Bufton said: "The dog was fine but my bumper was cracked. The whole bumper needed replacing, and a light needed replacing too.

"I contacted their insurers and they rang back and said that as it was on an open road, they did not feel the North Ledbury Hunt was negligent."

Mr Bufton added: "They deny all liability."

The Upperfields man said he had been a supporter of fox hunting, but the incident had left him with a more negative impression.

He said: "I've lived in Herefordshire all my life. The spectacle of a hunt is fantastic, and I am not an activist by any stretch of the imagination.

"But now it's their whole attitude I am pretty appalled at. It's like saying, we can do what the hell we like. I think it stinks."

However, a spokesman of the North Ledbury Hunt said this week that she expected a settlement to be made.

Val Allfrey said: "It's in the hands of the insurers; we've contacted our insurers. That's all I have to say.

"I'm sure he'll get a pay out," she added.