A RECENT book fair in the Panelled Room of Ledbury Library raised £800 for stackable chairs, which will help the venue to host more community events in the future, including for local schools.

In fact, the two and a half day book sale was so successful, plans are afoot to run book fair fund-raisers twice a year, for a week each time.

Ledbury Library Development Group spokesman, Nina Shields said: "It became clear that the two and a half days was not long enough for the bibliophiles of Ledbury. The response with book donations and with people coming to buy was wonderful. We have nowhere to store the unsold books so will be selling them through other outlets. The amount raised is about £800 and as a result we will be able to buy the much needed stackable chairs together with a stand for storage.

"We will be discussing with the Library staff the feasibility of holding the event for a whole week, twice a year and given the success of this event another book sale is being organised for November: date to be announced”

She added: "The Ledbury Library Development Group are delighted to see the increase in activities in the Library. For the future we will be looking to support some of these, particularly the schools projects and whilst some of these activities are funded by the Council, the cost of transport often limits the numbers attending and we want to be able to help. All of this depends on two major factors: Hereford Council continuing to maintain the Library Service; and the on going support of residents and visitors. We continue to take part in discussion on the future of Herefordshire's libraries and encourage everyone to fill in the current survey being run by the council. Copies available in the Library or on line at http://www.newsroom.herefordshire.gov.uk/2016/june/do-you-use-libraries-or-customer-service-centres-in-herefordshire.aspx.