A BUSINESS case will be developed to see whether the relocation of Leominster Library to an extended leisure centre is ‘financially viable’ and useful to the community.

That was one of the developments agreed by councillors last week when they also pledged to maintain opening hours at county libraries while investing in them to bring them up to date.

Last week’s cabinet meeting heard consideration will be given to the possibility of relocating Leominster’s Library to the town’s leisure centre.

Natalia Silver, assistant director of communities, said the proposal was a suggestion worth exploring and a business case would be produced to see if it is ‘financially viable and useful to the community’.

Another recommendation approved by cabinet members will see changes made to customer service centres in the five market towns, with a centralised face to face service in Hereford city supported by improved online access using the ‘Better Off ’ service.

And Belmont Library will be transferred to a community group while the service in Bromyard will be provided by HALO.

Councillor David Harlow said: “We recognise that libraries are seen as an important asset to the community, with which we agree and that is why we have made our decisions today.”

However, Councillor Jenny Bartlett raised concerns about the potential loss of professional staff, while others stated the importance of face to face customer service.

Herefordshire Council has already approved investment in Hereford Library while a new library is to be established in Ledbury as part of the award-winning Masters House development.