LEDBURY town councillors have been called "out of touch" for recommending refusal of a Domino's pizza outlet in the town's former ambulance station.

And an online poll, carried out by the Ledbury Reporter website, showed overwhelming support for a Domino's coming to town, with a whopping 84 per cent of respondents voting in favour, and only 14 per cent voting against.

Two per cent of those responding sat on the fence.

A post by a resident on the Ledbury Reporter web site catches the mood of many local people that the town council is backward looking in a way that is bad for Ledbury.

The resident said: "Councillors are killing this town as everything gets rejected; people should not be surprised that the bunch of coffin dodgers on the council said no to this. They just want the town to die. Councillor Bob Barnes's comments about 'severe traffic problems' are a complete nonsense.

"I'm sure if a charity shop wanted to open there, it would be approved."

And resident, Ed Hogan, also posting on Ledbury Reporter website, said fears about parking spaces could not be justified.

He said: "There would still be five spaces directly outside the establishment, which is five more than there is for Paradise Balti or the fish and chip shop. There are no reasons why the application should be refused at county planning level."

The final decision does lie with Herefordshire Council's planning committee, with a target determination date of April 17.

Town councillor Jean Simpson, who was elected in November, believes much of the directed criticism is unfair, because there are young and old members of the town council and they all have the good of the town at heart.

She said: "It is important to state that councillors are not out of touch and of the old guard.

"There are young councillors, recently elected councillors and councillors who have devoted many years service to the community and at times under difficult circumstances.

"We care about the community and our many independent shops."

Cllr Simpson added: "Ledbury does not need another pizza outlet. Ledbury has three independent pizza takeaways and restaurants. The young and old have an excellent choice as it is.

"And it is important to consider the negative impact a Domino's business would have. Noise and increase in traffic during the day and late into the evening will have a detrimental impact on the nursing home, doctors surgery and local residents. There's a lack of adequate parking. The Fire Station is next door inconsiderate parking has the potential to hinder fire engines leaving the station."

Cllr Simpson urged local people of all views to engage with the decision-making process.

She said: "As a priority I would urge concerned people to email or write to the Herefordshire Council's planning department and make their views known."