Herefordshire may well be the most tranquil county left in England. It is a green lung, a gem. This rurality is our most precious resource and yet we are squandering it.

The loss of wildlife from Britain is catastrophic. Hedgehogs may be lost altogether before our children grow up. Linnets, skylarks, turtle-doves and kestrels are failed by our systems of government.

Nature is not trivial, research has shown that trees in our towns help people heal more quickly, have less time off work, have higher house values, prevent flooding, reduce noise, slow cars on busy roads, lower crime rates.

Herefordshire’s natural beauty is attractive to tourists who every year bring in over £2000 for each one of us who live here. We can improve this figure, keep the paradise we live in and create opportunities for people. Wales gains £1,900 million per year from wildlife-based activity (and £400million from sheep farming). That is why I would campaign to make our county a National Park.

I am standing in this ‘snap’ election as an independent, which is costly and daunting because I hope to inspire people to get involved; because if we wait it may well be too late.

Being non-party political, I would, in parliament, be a respectful and expert voice for Nature and people. Let us prioritise and value the wonder that is Herefordshire for wild creatures, for us and for our grandchildren.