TWO explosions in the village of Peterchurch woke residents up at 2am last night. 

At around 2.30am the power cut out in the centre of the Golden Valley village.

When the power attempted to come back on a minute or two later there was a loud bang. 

The village then lit up and there was another bang. 

Residents started to gather in the streets to see what had happened. 

Fire crews from Ewyas Harold and Peterchurch were called to reports of two explosions in the village. 

Part of the village was left without power. No fire was located. 

Fire crews left the incident with Western Power Distribution (WPD) engineers. 

A spokesman for WPD said: "Around 2.20am this morning in fields at the rear of Lewis Way in Peterchurch we had a fault on a piece of equipment in one of our substations there which caused a small flash and probably a loud bang.

"Residents called the fire service. We attended on site as well.

"323 customer were off supply. We were able to reconnect them all within the hour. 

"Work is ongoing today to replace the damaged equipment."