MEGHAN Markle recently spent two days in the Herefordshire countryside – but the visit was anything but a relaxing vacation.

Prince Harry's 36-year-old fiancée was instead subjected to a mock-kidnap SAS exercise which included live gunfire as part of her preparation for becoming a member of the Royal Family.

The Daily Express reported that Britain's elite special forces trained Ms Markle to deal with the possibility of an attack.

The tabloid also claimed the American actress was accompanied by her husband-to-be during the gruelling session.

During the intense exercise, Ms Markle was reportedly kidnapped and 'treated like a hostage'.

A military source told the Express that she is most likely to have been taught how to "form a relationship with her kidnappers".

Former Army intelligence officer Gerald Moor said the training will have been delivered by 'the Army's finest' and 'toughest' troops, adding: 'Meghan will have found the experience physically and psychologically gruelling.'

The Express said the training - which is given to most senior Windsors - was offered to Meghan before her wedding 'because of heightened security issues at this time.'

She is already under guard 24/7 in the build-up to her and Harry's wedding in Windsor on May 19 when it is believed that SAS troops will guard the prince and his bride at the event.