LEDBURY'S MP, Bill Wiggin, has welcomed news that the lion's share of new Government money to fill pot-holes will be heading to Herefordshire, to help tackle the county's rutted roads.

The MP for North Herefordshire said: "Thousands of drivers and cyclists across West Midlands will soon have safer journeys thanks to a £1,702,946 Government investment to repair potholes.

"I welcome this new dedicated funding from the Government, which will fill approximately 32,131 potholes across the West Midlands area."

And the county to benefit most should be Herefordshire.

He added: "An estimated £1,252,647 will be allocated to Herefordshire specifically, allowing local road users to enjoy their journeys without having to dodge potholes.

"This is on top of the £75 million of funding already given to councils from the Pothole Action Fund this year, as well as the additional £46 million boost for highways authorities announced just before Christmas. The funding will also help to protect the roads from any future severe weather."

Mr Wiggin acknowledged that the state of local roads has been a bone of contention among local drivers.

He said: “The state of our roads remains a great source of frustration for drivers, especially after the unusually prolonged spell of freezing weather – it’s one of the biggest issues that’s raised with me by my constituents.

“This new funding is welcome news for our families and businesses who rely on our roads to get around, and I will work hard to ensure that we in North Herefordshire get our fair share.

“I’m glad that the Government is investing to improve the standard of our local roads – delivering on our commitment to build an economy fit for the future.”