ONE of the drivers in a head-on car crash that resulted in the deaths of two children was over the alcohol limit and on the wrong side of the road, an inquest has heard.

Seven-year-old Ray Yu Wang and his two-year old sister Reya were killed when their family car was hit by a Honda Civic, driven by Atanas Genov, 29.

The fatal crash happened at 11.20pm on September 24 on the A438 between Hereford and Ledbury.

Mr Genov was pronounced dead at the scene while both children were taken to Birmingham Children's Hospital.

However, Ray died the following day and Reya died two days later, both from traumatic brain injuries.

The children's parents, Dr and Mrs Wang, survived the crash along with their five-year-old son.

The inquest at Hereford Town Hall heard how Mr Genov had been drinking prior to driving on the night of the crash.

Dr Dave Wang, who was driving a VW Tiguan on his way home to Hereford following a weekend in London, told today's inquest he was blinded by head lights coming towards his car.

He said: "I realised I could not see what was going on. That was it. It happened within less than a few seconds. They were so bright I could not even tell they were in my lane."

It was revealed that Mr Genov was driving towards Ledbury but in the Hereford bound lane, while Dr Wang was driving home to Hereford in the correct lane.

It was suggested that Mr Genov, a Bulgarian national who worked seasonally in the county, may have reverted back to driving on the right side of the road, as is usual in mainland Europe.

The toxicology report from the post mortem showed that Mr Genov had twice the amount of alcohol in his blood than is legally allowed for driving.

In a statement, Dr Wang said: "When Atanas Genov decided to get behind the wheel after drinking heavily he passed a death sentence on two of our beautiful children and consigned us to a life time of mourning.

"Ray and Reya were such bright, happy, kind and gentle children. They did not deserve to have their lives cut short in such a brutal way.

"While our physical injuries are slowly healing I don't think the mental scars from that terrible day will ever fade.”

Chief Inspector Stephen Owen, from Herefordshire Police Command team, said: "No one can fail to be overwhelmed with profound sadness at the resulting loss of young life.

"The police investigation has shown that drink-driving was a significant factor in the sequence of events that unfolded on the A438 that night.

"This tragic event underlines the devastating consequences that can arise from such behaviour and reminds us all of the huge responsibility we have as drivers, to adhere to the law."

Summing up, coroner Mark Bricknell said: "The vehicle driven by Genov was on the wrong side of the road and the consequences were catastrophic."

"His actions have fundamentally affected the lives of the Wang family."

Closing the inquest, Mr Bricknell attributed the appropriate conclusion of road traffic collision as the cause of the three fatalities.