A NATIONALLY significant battlefield project to unearth the secrets of north Herefordshire's War of the Roses past is to be formally launched this month.

The Mortimer's Cross Battlefield Project will be launched on April 18 at 7.30pm at Kingsland Church, where investigating archaeologists Dr Glenn Foard and Dr Tracey Partida will be on hand to explain their roles and how the project will involve the community.

The official opening will inform the Kingsland community about the details of the battle such as finds, names and folklore and will also offer people the opportunity to find out more about volunteering for the project, from local document research to field work.

The Battle of Mortimer's Cross took place in Kingsland parish in 1461, but little is known about its details. The battle is historically important as it brought the Yorkist Edward, Earl of March to the throne as Edward IV.

The battle lives on in the public imagination thanks to Shakespeare's reference to three suns- a parhelion- appearing over the field on the morning of the battle.

The Battlefields Trust received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and archaeological support from the University of Huddersfield to help their efforts to raise awareness of the wider historical importance of the battle.