BREXIT might be looming, but students at the John Masefield High School are helping to break down barriers between nations, by sharing their foreign language skills with primary age children.

This is down to a project called Language Leaders, which a spokesman said was "a very popular scheme and aims to harness the enthusiasm of the High School's year 9 language students".

The spokesman added: "Aspiring leaders have to complete an application form expressing why they deem languages to be an important part of their education and within society today.

"Successful students support their language teachers at open evening and year 5 evening and they also get the opportunity to create, plan and lead language lessons at a primary school."

In recent month, the Language Leaders have been visiting Ledbury Primary.

The spokesman added: "Our current group of year 9s have planned exciting and engaging lessons in at least seven different languages including; French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Dutch and Czech."