A LIFE coach from Ledbury has come up with a new web-based course to help young people take the leap from education to the working world.

Carl May has been a life coach through his business Niche Personal Coaching for the last seven to eight years. He said he noticed his clients were starting to get younger and felt that they needed a helping hand to develop what are called soft skills - personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

Mr May, 58, said: "The education system pushes them to achieve their important exam results (hard skills).

"They form the basis of a well-rounded and important education. However, if we cannot stand above those around us, career prosperity can be a hard hill to climb.

"Little time is spent installing those important skills that give them the knowledge to communicate, develop responsibilities, improve organisational skills, dealing with stress and anxiety etc (soft skills)."

He said young adults who come to see him for coaching advice often find they have self-belief issues.

Mr May said: "This got me thinking and after much head scratching softskills4life was born.

"It is a web-based subscription program, giving tried and tested techniques through 12 worksheets, empowering young adults from mid-teens to mid-twenties to develop an array of skills including: emotional fitness, organisational skills, dealing with stress and anxiety, setting and achieving goals, dealing with social media, and developing positivity and responsibility."

To find out more go to softskills4life.co.uk.