ROCK legend Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull will be performing a Christmas concert at Hereford Cathedral in December.

Over the last ten years, Ian Anderson has played in many of the UK's great cathedrals and churches, helping to raise much-needed funds for their preservation.

Usually based on a Christmas theme, he features prominently the work of Jethro Tull as written and recorded since 1968.

Added to this are several pieces from the classical repertoire and the traditional musical liturgy of the Church of England.

Ian Anderson says: “Whether your Christmas is a secular affair of gift-giving and family togetherness or a more worshipful recognition of one of the two biggest days in the Christian calendar, join us for some uplifting Christmas spirit, music, readings and maybe even a prayer or two.

“100 per cent of the sales of tickets go to the upkeep of the buildings and, perhaps, also in support of the musical liturgy of the cathedral.

"I try to balance the festive time of year in song with a few of the elements of an old-fashioned carol service, all delivered with good humour and good cheer."

Ian Anderson will perform the concert on Tuesday, December 18, at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available from the cathedral shop on 01432 374210 and online at All the proceeds will go to the Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust.