LEDBURY in Bloom needs more community help to get the town spruced up ahead of judging day, which will take place in just one month's time.

This year is extra special for Ledbury in Bloom, which is hoping to win the town a dozen gold medals in a row; but the call has gone out for extra volunteers as the Ledbury in Bloom chairman, Clive Gunn, highlights several areas of real concern, some of those beyond his control.

In particular, pavement weeds are proving to be a real headache in a great growing season, especially because community support, which made a big difference last year, is not quite so much in evidence this summer.

Mr Gunn said: "From the train station to the town centre is particularly bad. Some people have attacked weeds on part of The Southend, which looks great; but the rest looks terrible.

"Mr Gunn said: "My biggest worry is all the weeds along all the main roads. We are chipping away at it but there is a lot to shift. Even the town centre and Church Lane need some work on them."

Mr Gunn is concerned that Ledbury's weedy pavements could lead to the town being marked down.

He said: "The general state of the pavements does count!

"I appeal to everyone to tackle a small stretch with a few friends or neighbours."

To add to the problems, Top Cross in the town centre will not be looking its best, and little can be done about that, although there will be an extra big effort made with the flower troughs.

Mr Gunn said: "There will be scaffolding around the Ledbury Park building at the Top Cross and it will be covered in that green mesh. We will have tidied the troughs by then.

"But the timing is a blow to the visual impact that these troughs have on our major town crossroads."

On more positive note, all of the existing roundabouts on Ledbury bypass, a number of which have been eyesores in the past, are being well-managed thanks to much-needed community support.

Mr Gunn said: "The patrons of the roundabouts now are Helping Hands, Shane Howells, Haygrove, Galebreaker and the Feathers Hotel, and work seems to be in hand."

Also on a more positive note, Ledbury in Bloom is engaging with younger members of the community by launching a new competition

Ledbury in Bloom's deputy chairman, Christina Vass is calling youngsters to get involved with “My Box of Garden Delights”.

She said: "Take an empty box and fill it with colour and interest. Make it real or make believe. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to gardening. The competition is in three age groups: 5 to 8 years; 9 to 11 years and 12 to 16 years.

"The Boxes to be judged on Sunday July 8 and viewed by the Royal Horticultural Society judges on Monday July 9.

"Boxes must be square or rectangular, no smaller than an average seed tray or and no bigger than a standard fruit or vegetable tray."

Entry form and further details at: https://ledburyinbloom.wordpress.com/2018/05/31/entry-form-for-my-box-of-garden-delights/