ERICA Feeley is a tireless carer for two members of her family.

She helps her mother with jobs around the house and garden, and with her shopping.

She is also always there for her husband, who has a spinal injury.

Her husband, Brendan Feeley, who has nominated her in the Care Hero category of the Hereford Times Health and Care Awards, says: "She is the most caring, kind and considerate person I know. She is the definition of a hero.

"With both her husband and mother she provides the assistance they need to remain as independent as possible."

In the Home Care Worker category, Meisha Bagley, aged 28, has been praised by her sister, Jade.

She says: "She is a single mother of four who felt she would never be able to work, and never believed she would have the ability to look after the elderly.

"However, three months ago she learned to believe in herself and got a job as a support worker caring for people in their own homes.

"She cares for her service users deeply. She always has time for them and feels sad that she has to leave them after visiting them."

Dr Simon Lennane says: “The meeting centres provide a way for people with dementia and their carers to experience quality time together in a supportive environment.

“There are only a few meeting centres in the UK so far, and Herefordshire is leading the way by already having two.”

The health and care awards will be presented in a glitzy ceremony later this year.

Supplements in the Hereford Times and coverage on our website will include the full list of awards up for grabs, and which are finally shortlisted.

Our independent judging panel will sift through your nominations and identify those with the qualities they feel best match the award category criteria. They will make their decision based on the content of the nomination rather than the number of nominations received.

Join us in applauding those who contribute so much for others in Herefordshire.