BY this Friday, (June 15) Ledbury will have a new town councillor for the Ledbury North Ward.

The election was scheduled by Herefordshire Council to take place on Thursday, June 14.

The vacancy was left by the resignation, several months ago, of Cllr Jean Simpson, and five candidates were approved to contest the empty seat.

These were Fred Nelson Florence of Katherines Walk; Phillip Bernard Howells of Kempley Brook Drive (Liberal Democrats); Julian Stanley William I'Anson of Church Street (Independent); Viktoria Anne Low of Knapp Lane, and Timothy Rae-Clarke of Turner Court.

Five councillors, including Jean Simpson, have resigned in recent months, and these include Elaine Fieldhouse, Martin Eager, Bob Barnes and Annette Crowe.

But the first of the elections for these last four will not take place until August 9, at the latest, and those dates are still to be announced.

This week's election was to elect one new town councillor only.

The date of any parish election, called following a resignation depends on the date of the councillor's resignation, and Jean Simpson was the first of the five town councillors to resign, back in the spring, and so this was the first of the vacancies to be contested.

The election of a new town councillor this week will mean that Ledbury will have 14 town councillors, out of a possible 18.

Ledbury Town Council, however, easily has quorum, which is the number of councillors required to be present so that a meeting is valid. The number for quorum is six, according to the town council's present standing orders.

The recent run of resignations has been unprecedented.

In addition to the five councillors who have resigned, a number which includes three former town mayors, six members of staff have also left their posts.

Ledbury Town Council is currently without a clerk and a deputy clerk.