THERE is one Ledbury cat who may not have had nine lives, but he has a very good chance of immortality, at least in a literary sense

The much loved and late lamented cat of the Feathers Hotel, in Ledbury High Street, has made it into print, or at least his life-story has, thanks to an award-winning American children's author who loves to visit the market town.

There will even be a book-signing next month in Ledbury; but sadly the subject of the new book, Bertie the ginger cat, will not be doing a paw signing, because he passed away in the winter.

A spokesman said: "Lori VanKirk Schue, an award-winning American children's author has written a book about 'Bertie' the ginger cat who was a a favourite with guests of the Feathers Hotel.

"Bertie belonged to Edward Elliston, the hotel's manager and the book, written and illustrated by Lori, describes the life of Bertie, 'The Cat with the Feathers'. The book, which belongs to Lori's series of SeeSayCreate books, describes Ledbury and the hotel and even contains illustrations of Edward."

The author will be giving a book reading and signing at the Feathers Hotel on Saturday July 16 at 11 am.

The spokesman added: "Children and adults are welcome and the event is free. Lori will have some books with her and all proceeds from the sale of the books will be donated to a local animal charity.

"Lori frequently visits Ledbury for vacations and always stays at the Feathers Hotel. Sadly, Bertie passed away last winter so this book is in his memory."