A YOUNG Hereford man died after taking his friend's methadone to help him sleep.

Jacob Evans, who was 36 and known as Will, suffered from Pancreatitis.

Today's inquest in Hereford heard he has taken prescribed drugs from his GP but that he continued to suffer pain linked to his medical conditions.

Thomas Arthur, his friend who gave him the methadone, said Mr Evans was a "drinker and not a drug taker".

He said he had given him the methadone to help him sleep and immediately went to Hereford Police Station on learning of his friend's death.

Coroner Mark Bricknell said no charges were ever brought against Mr Arthur as Mr Evans clearly knew that he was taking a controlled drug and no profit was made.

The inquest heard Mr Evans had been out with friends on October 7 last year before he spoke to his mother when he returned to his Park Street home at around midnight.

The following morning his mother heard his mobile ring from inside an outside toilet – but she was unable to open the door.

Firefighters soon arrived at the St James property and forced the door open to find Mr Evans on the floor.

Pathologist Christopher Madden said toxicology reports showed Mr Evans had died from an acute methadone overdose.

Mr Bricknell, in recording that the death was drug related, said it was clear that Mr Evans did not have a tolerance for methadone.