AN ENVIRONMENTALLY conscious five year old has put pressure on a major company to ditch plastic straws in favour of paper ones.

Violet Davies, 5, from Hereford, wrote a letter and sent a picture to her favourite smoothie makers, Happy Monkey Smoothies, urging the company not to use plastic straws to help the environment.

Violet’s mum, Laura Davies, said: “Violet has been quite interested in recycling for quite a long time. At school they had been learning about it.”

Last week Violet was eating breakfast with her family, where she enjoyed her favourite Happy Monkey smoothie.

Violet was saddened to see that he smoothie had a plastic straw, so she set her mind on doing something about it.

She wrote a letter and her mum took a photo of her holding her letter and smoothie and sent it to the company on Facebook.

Laura continued: “I got a message back from them saying that the company will be going plastic straw free by the end of the year.”

The Holmer Primary School pupil has always shown a keen interest in looking after the environment and is now on a mission to see the end of more plastic straws.

Laura added: “The next thing she wants to do is write a letter to the leisure centre as they use plastic straws for their Slush Puppies.”