HEREFORD MP Jesse Norman says he’s delighted that a charity football organisation has ‘ambitious plans’ for their ground.

United in the Community (UITC) aims to promote and engage people in sport and hope their facility at Victoria Park becomes a community focal point.

They have plans to refurbish their clubhouse and make it more accessible at a cost of around £20,000.

“It's always been great set up and it's fantastic that Russell [Cheasley, UITC trustee] and the guys are taking it onto the next stage, they've got some very ambitious plans and I'm delighted with that,” Jesse Norman said.

“UITC has got the word community in the title that's because it's always taken that aspect very seriously.

"Football is one of those sports that brings people together so it's fantastic that they're doing it.”

One of the organisations UITC work closely with is Aspire Living who support people with learning disabilities in Herefordshire.

They help them to live independently but also by getting them involved in sport and other social activities.

“The main change is trying to make it accessible because at the moment you can’t get a wheelchair in," said Russell Cheasley, a trustee for UITC.

"If someone is in a wheelchair then they’ve got no access to facilities. We want to put that in which will enable us to do a lot more.

“At the moment we’ve got half a changing room which is used for storage. It’s a case of investing in the property, making it cheaper to run so we’re not spending a fortune on utilities so it makes us more sustainable in the future.”