MENSA has gained a new member: a three-year-old pre-school pupil from Ross-on-Wye.

Ophelia Morgan-Dew has officially become a member of the group after IQ test results showed she was in the top 0.03% bracket for her age.

She also scored the intelligence level of a six-and-a-half-year-old.

Proud mum Natalie Morgan-Dew, 31, said: “It started when she was eight months and she said her first word. She picked up her numbers and colours very early.”

Ophelia is Natalie’s first and only child so she was unsure of the usual timings of milestones.

It was only when Ophelia was seen by a child psychologist in London who specialises in gifted children that her intellectual talents were discovered.

Natalie explained how she is grateful of Mensa’s support now that Ophelia is a member, as the organisation sends her resources to both stretch and entertain her daughter.

The organisation will also support her pre-school and future primary school to ensure she not left bored and unchallenged when she starts her education.

Natalie said: “She loves reading books and she likes the computer a lot as well. But she’s pretty much like any other three-year-old, she likes running about and playing.”

She added: “Whatever she does I’m going to be proud of her.”