Ledbury Town Council is taking steps "to protect and renovate the town's historic cemetery", off New Street.

The council is proposing The Town Council are proposing to commission a specialist contractor to assess the state of the historic monuments and determine what repairs are necessary.

It will also undertake "a full health and safety review of all gravestones, of whatever age".

Council Chairman, Cllr Nina Shields, said: "We have a classic English cemetery with many gravestones and monuments going back to the Victorian era and beyond.

"A good few are in poor repair. At the same time the cemetery still functions as one of principal burial grounds for the town."

Ledbury Town Council retained management of the cemetery when most in the County were taken over by Herefordshire during the reorganisation of local government.

Cllr Shields added: "We have a cemetery of unique charm and historical importance that, although carefully tended by our former groundsman, has been neglected of late in management terms.

"As well as getting a specialist assessment of the work required to renovate the site, we will be advertising for a new team of grounds people soon. This team will not only keep the cemetery in good order but also the town centre and other public areas owned by the council."

Work at the town's cemetery has proved to be sensitive issue in the past.

But Cllr Shields said: "The town council is committed to keeping relations of the deceased fully informed about any work that may be needed at the cemetery."