A SHOP owner has said the area outside Hereford Town Hall is "disgusting" and does not give a good impression to visitors to the city.

Cherry Savidge who runs a fashion boutique in East Street, Hereford, said she thought the area outside the town hall in St Owen Street was "filthy."

She believes Hereford City Council, which is based in the town hall, should take more pride in the appearance of what's on their doorstep.

She said: "Nobody sweeps up, nobody tidies up and nobody does anything there.

"The Three Choirs Festival has been at the cathedral, there are people getting married at the town hall - it is just disgusting."

Ms Savidge said there are dirty bins and cigarette ends on the floor.

She added: "The town hall is supposed to be one of the jewels in the crown of the city.

"We want people coming in here. I sweep my street almost every single day. I keep my shop looking tidy."

Steve Kerry, town clerk for Hereford City Council, said: "The area outside the town hall, just like every other street in Hereford, is the responsibility of Herefordshire Council.

"In addition to their services Hereford Business Improvement District provide a street sweeper using a large machine called a glutton which picks up litter and the operator moves street furniture if he can and tries to dig out accumulated refuse behind where he can’t.

"As a purely voluntary act, our receptionist will go out and clean up after weddings so confetti doesn’t get wet and stick to the pavements."

He added: "The pavement is not filthy, there are a few cigarette buts in the cracks in the brick sets which are difficult to get out – hence the use of the glutton which is like a big hoover."

Mr Kerry said he agrees it should be swept daily but said this is down to Herefordshire Council, which has cut back council services due to massive reductions in financial support from the government.