THE Queen sent her best wishes, in the form of a card, to Wellington Heath's platinum wedding couple, Gwilym and Gwilym and Christine Edmundson-Jones, who raised glasses to seventy happy years last weekend.

The couple celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary on Saturday August 4 in Wellington Heath's Memorial Hall, where the card from the Queen took pride of place.

Many local villagers attended, and one them, Peter Constantine said: "Platinum is a rare metal and Gwilym’ speech was equally special with a delightful ramble through the seven decades since they met. "Touching on post war rationing, the black market, his early medical experiences, and building their own homes, sometimes emotional, and sometimes forgetting his lines, he was prompted by his wife who also suggested additions to his recollections.

"Finally, after an extensive meander, Gwilym sat down to well deserved applause."

The afternoon tea certainly was not rationed and was much appreciated.

Interestingly the cake was cut with the same knife the happy couple used seventy years ago, to cut their wedding cake.