A DAUGHTER who went to tend to her mother's grave was shocked to discover a pile of bin bags in the cemetery.

Jane Greenwood took her dad to the Ross-on-Wye Cemetery in Walford Road yesterday to tend to her mother's grave as it would have been her parents' wedding anniversary.

When they arrived they found numerous black bin bags of waste had been left there.

Ms Greenwood said: "We visit on a regular basis and Ross Town cemetery is normally very well kept and maintained.

"It should be a place for reflection and love. We were very shocked to find what some people would do with no thought to others."

The rubbish was reported to Ross Town Council who own the land. 

On August 13 the town council clerk Sarah Robson gave the Hereford Times an update. She said: "The photo shows the result of a busy carnival weekend when there were an unusually high number of people in and around town. Obviously it’s regrettable it couldn’t be cleared more quickly, we arranged an additional collection and the backlog has now all gone.

"The council is working hard on plans to develop its yard and part of this will see the bins being relocated away from this area. This situation is not ideal and hopefully will be remedied soon. I can only apologise on behalf of the council for any distress this has caused."