A RING which is at least 2,750 years old was found in west Herefordshire.

A treasure inquest was held at Herefordshire Coroner's Court last Monday to examine whether the ring was treasure.

In August 2014 Mark Green searched farmland with a metal detector after being given permission from the land owners.

He found a gold open-ended ring which has since resided with the British Museum.

Peter Reavill, finds liaison officer for the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme, said it was a Late Bronze Age gold penannular ring from 1200 to 750BC.

He said it was probably for personal adornment and worn in the ears or nose.

It was the first example of this type found in Herefordshire. They are more common in the south and east of England.

Coroner Mark Bricknell declared the item as treasure as it was more than ten percent gold and at least 300 years old.

The state is interested in acquiring the ring.