THERE was a welcome delivery at a church from pre-school children and staff.

Madley Pre-School children and staff walked to meet the village church's vicar Simon Lockett.

Parents donated harvest goods that could be added to the food bank to help others.

As a "values based early years provider", staff at the pre-school had talked to the children about the value of care and how to care for others.

Hereford Food Bank is committed to the relief of poverty in the county and the surrounding area through the provision of emergency food parcels.

They always need tinned meat (stews, casseroles, ham), tinned vegetables, Smash, UHT/Dried Milk, sugar, tinned fruit, rice pudding, custard, coffee, toothpaste, soap and toilet rolls.

There are a number of drop-off points in local churches, the cathedral, Hereford Library and the Hereford Times office.