A FARMING couple from Madley have sent a heartfelt warning to other farmers to be vigilant after one of their sheep was mauled by what they believe to be a dog.

Julie and David Evans discovered one of the ewes in an injured state on Saturday evening. The ewe, who was pregnant, was left with a broken bottom jaw and her teeth were knocked out.

They believe the attack was committed by one or more dogs, who mauled the 12-month-old ewe and then left.

They believe the attack took place between Friday night and Saturday evening.

The ewe’s injuries were so severe that she had to be put down.

Julie said: “It was horrific, it was just horrible.”

The pair, who have farmed all their lives, want to warn other farmers to be vigilant of dog attacks against their flocks.

Julie explained how she never thought this kind of thing would ever happen to their sheep, and the incident has left her feeling ‘petrified’ of a similar attack happening again.

The couple are also urging dog owners to behave responsibly and ensure their dogs are on a lead when near to farmland and animals.

Julie said: “We just worry now about moving our sheep in to fields that you cannot see from our property.”

The couple believe that the owner of the dog must know something about the attack.

She said: “Somebody must know something because the dog must be covered in blood.

“Somebody must know and that is what upsets us.”

Julie and David’s flock is made up of over 50 ewes and Julie says that they are traumatised about what happened to their fellow ewe.

They believe that their ram may have intervened to try and save the eve from the attack as he was discovered with broken horns.

The couple have four dogs themselves, and the attack has left the sheep frightened around the dogs.

All of the ewes are pregnant and Julie is worried what the effect the attack will leave on the unborn lambs.

She said: “There is also the unseen damage to the pregnant sheep.

“We will have problems when they lamb at the end of December.”

Julie explained how an incident like this affects both their livelihood and their emotional wellbeing.

Julie added: “It is awful.”

The incident has been reported to police.

Any dog owner or person in charge of a dog whose animal worries livestock on agricultural land is committing a criminal offence.