LEDBURY Food Bank is asking big-hearted local residents for “a little bit extra” for Christmas.

And festive goods will be especially welcome as donations, with the exception of alcohol, as well as the everyday essentials.

Food Bank spokesman, Martin Ham said: "You’ve all heard in the recent budget that education has been given a little bit extra – well, the Food Bank wants a little bit extra too!

"Whatever your beliefs we all look forward to Christmas as a holiday and a celebration. But some must just watch others having a great time."

Mr Ham added: "Ledbury Food Bank hopes that many will help solve that problem by giving something that will be a little special for those in need.

"We hope that many will help the Food Bank by giving something a little bit extra to add to our normal hand out of food – a box of chocolates, a box of crackers, a Christmas pudding, a Christmas tree, or anything else that will make Christmas better for those in need – but, sorry, no alcohol please."

Mr Ham said: "Please pop along to the Food Bank with something that will add a little joy to those who struggle to provide for themselves and their families.

"We are open from 10am to noon every Wednesday and Friday at St Katherine’s. And may we wish you a “Happy Christmas” to all, from your local Food Bank."

Figures in the run-up to Christmas last year revealed that Ledbury Food Bank fed more people than the food banks of some of the neighbouring and much larger towns