COUNTY residents have objected to retrospective plans to build a ‘spaceship-like’ lambing shed which they say is an eyesore at the foot of the Black Mountains.

Applicant Christopher Brooks has built the open sided single bay shed on Proberts Farm, Hill Lane, Craswall, some 100 yards from the Black Hill which is within a site of special scientific interest.

Linden Alcock, the applicant’s agent, said the proposals would help Mr Brooks’ agricultural business achieve organic status.

He said: “The land at Craswall was seen to be an ideal opportunity to acquire uncontaminated pasture for flock establishment as part of this operation.

“Hence, the barn’s primary use is for lambing, secure storage of tools and equipment in this remote location and an insulated and heated section for shepherd and lambs.”

But resident Timothy Heffer said the barn is an eyesore which is clearly visible at all times and is not suited to the proposed purpose as a lambing shed.

“No attempt has been made to reduce the visual impact of the building,” he said.

Objector Grace Watkins also said the building was intrusive and constructed higher than the original plan with different cladding and roof.

“The spaceship, glass clad abode would make a beautiful and very valuable piece of real estate,” she said.

“As it stands it is the single most glamorous sheep barn that has ever existed.”

Historic buildings consultant Nicholas Keeble, who also objected, said it would not be unreasonable to anticipate an application to change the use of the structure to a house.

He said:“Such a proposal would of course be entirely contrary to the conditions set as part the planning permission already granted.

Residents have until November 22 to comment on the plans.